About US

We are a group of Eritrean women with diverse backgrounds and experiences working towards setting up a Network of Eritrean Women that leads to solid Eritrean Women’s umbrella organization that protects women’s rights, promotes our involvement and participation in all decision making processes.

To this end we invite all Eritrean women to come and work for the attainment of the above goals by:

  1. Coming together to draw on our diverse experiences and knowledge to define the changes required within our society to promote the role of women.

  2. Working relentlessly to ensure that the quest for democracy and human rights be meaningful to the reality of Eritrean women, addressing  the  historic contribution during the revolution and liberation era as well as the post-liberation/independence experiences of women.

  3. Working to bolster the struggle for democracy and justice through empowering women to overcome the social, political and economic barriers that are curtailing their participation.

  4. Actively encouraging the Eritrean Civic and Political organizations to ensure they have a clear strategy in place to address and increase women’s involvement and participation in their respective organizations and the struggle for democracy and justice.

  5. Fully exploiting our potential in the processes of peace building; reconciliation and conflict management, work towards rapid and full implementation of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security.

  6. Raising awareness of the ordeals of Eritrean women; in particular those victims of violence and in the refugee camps and to collectively discuss and offer our support so we can make a difference in their lives.

  7. Mobilizing and utilizing resources for a functional women’s network.

We appreciate your input and welcome you aboard to be part of this initiative.

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